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about iya jackson:

arriving in baltimore by way of my hometown, little rock, arkansas--i served as photo editor for prospective newspaper. during my time on the prospective staff, i competed in arkansas scholastic press association's artistic carry-in (first place), newspaper photo essay (superior rating), jostens photo contest (two honorable mentions) and arkansas press women news photograph (honorable mention).

attending gloria shields nspa media workshop in dallas, texas and national scholastic press association in indianapolis, indiana—coupled with personalized instruction from award-winning journalists, teachers, and photographers—encouraged me to develop my own personal style of photography. after completing my first photo project highlighting students resisting within a predominantly white institution, i went on to act as photo editor for the observer in new orleans, louisiana.


in 2020, i began my own gender journey and search for community, and ultimately, family. gender is more than meets the eye–even in a photograph. this was a turning point for myself and my artwork.  intimate, colorful portraits when paired with archival works allow a glimpse into my community. a sight of honesty, freedom & care that gently contradicts the cruelty this world offers us. the continued evolution of myself, my loved ones, and the communities that surround me is the inspiration and purpose of my work. this work is not only my rebuttal but a personal manifesto.